Unifire offers a wide range of smoke machines. All of our machines use water based fluid that leaves no residue and is safe to breathe.

Features of the UF-Z800 are a smaller footprint, economical price, quick heatup, a 30 foot wired remote, optional wireless remote, and 3,000 CFM of output at 100% output. This unit consumes fluid at a rate of 1 liter every 37 minutes, at 100% output.

This 1000W machine works equally well in a permanent installation or on the road from venue to venue. Its output rivals many larger machines and the ability to place the unit on trussing and in small places, make it perfect for training and other intense effect productions.

One of the favorites. The UF-Z1200 smoke machine offers a 2.5 liter reservoir, 30 foot wired remote, and an economical price. This unit consumes fluid at a rate of 1 liter every 15 minutes, at 100% output.

The Z-1500 is for users who need a lot of fog along with a lot of control. This machine features the UF-Z-20 remote with easy to read LED readout to allow the user to closely control the duration, interval, and volume of fog produced. The remote’s LED screen clearly displays these parameters.