50 CC, 2.1 HP High Performance Coring Drill

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These coring drills are used in collapse rescue to survey for survivors, creating air holes, or to create additional avenues for rescue. With a high power to weight ratio, you will find that these coring drills are perfect for technical search and rescue exercises as well as general collapse rescue operations.


Highly Efficient Water Introduction Swivel

The water swivel provides the user with the water needed in order to keep dust down and clear out drilled debris to allow the bit to continue to make its way through the material being drilled.

High-Performance 50CC motor

This powerful 2 cycle 50cc engine provides you with 2.1 HP of power, enough to quickly and safely drill through the hardest concrete and aggregate materials.

High Diamond Segmented Drill Bit

The 2 inch drill bit pairs perfectly with the Unifire 50cc coring drill, providing the best combination of cutting ability, speed and safety. Allowing the operator to create the perfect hole for initial search and entry for search cameras.

Any Direction Use

The UF-50 is able to be used in virtually any position, vertical, horizontal or any position in between.

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